Reverse Code can install and remove speed limiters on cars and vans.


Reverse Code can reprogram your vehicles engine ECU to either install, remove or adjust a speed limiter. Many ex-company vans which originated in the UK come equipped with a speed limiter of 56 mph. 
Depending on the customer's wish we can remove this limitation or increase it. Common applications are Ford Transit vans and mini buses, Citroen Dispatch, Renault Trafic, Peugeot Partner, Volkswagen Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter and Opel Combo.

We can offer speed limiter removal or adjustment service as part of a Performance or Economy remap for FREE.

Contact us with your vehicle details for further information.



Cruise Control supply, install and activation service cruisecontrol


Cruise Control is a system that controls the speed of a car or van. It is most useful for motorway driving. Maintaining a steady speed helps improve fuel economy and more importantly helps the driver avoid breaking the road speed limits subconsciously.

How does cruise control operate?
The vehicle must be brought up to the desired speed by the driver, typically 120 kph. The cruise control can then be activated by a button on the cruise control stalk fitted near the steering wheel. By using various sensor inputs the engine ECU will then regulate the DBW (Drive By Wire) to maintain an accurate desired vehicle speed. Depending on conditions the engines ECU will automatically add more power to the vehicle or apply brakes where necessary eg. Hill climbing or hill descending. 

Depending on the factory model specifications Cruise Control is fitted to most modern vehicles only as an optional extra. If your vehicle does not have a factory fitted cruise control then Reverse Code can supply, install and code Cruise Control using genuine stalks. 
We keep stalks in stock for popular models such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen and some versions of BMW. Contact us with your vehicle details if we do not have a compatible cruise control stalk in stock to suit your vehicle then we can source one from our suppliers.

To enable the cruise control function to work it must be coded to your engine's ECU and in some cases adapting is required in the vehicles Body Control Module (BCM). This coding is carried out here at Reverse Code as part of our cruise control package