2004 - 2012 Mazda 6 DPF removal and power tuning available all via OBD port. ECU does not need to be removed anymore 


25/09/2015 Ford Transit 2006 onwards EGR delete with all EGR related error codes disabled. Power remap available.


10/09/2015 2016 EURO 6 Adblue switch off solutions currently in development for VAG and PSA 


05/09/2015  New revised DPF delete solution for Toyota and Lexus


01/07/2015 BMW FXX series diesel tuning in final stages of development.


15/06/2015  Introducing codeR... International Remote Tuning coming soon.


23/04/2015 Development complete for immobilizer removal on Opel Insignia 2.0 cdti edc17c19


03/04/2015 Now stocking over 250 refurbished engine ECUs. Cloning and Immobilzer removal solutions.


22/03/2015 Toyota / Lexus with Denso ecu development in progress


20/02/2015 Opel 1.3 cdti Marelli MJD ECU prone to failure error codes P1600 or similar. Cloning solution available. We need old broken ECU to extract immo data. We can supply refurbished ECU for plug and play


05/01/2015 Volkswagen Audi Group Bosch edc17 cloning solution


11/12/2014 Popcorn rev limiters, updated hot start fixes for manual and DSG vag, multiple stages of power tuning available for all VAG


16/11/2014 Volkswagen Audi Group edc17 immo removal with NO safe message on instrument cluster or error codes.


01/08/2014  Volkswagen Audi Group Adblue switch off. EURO 5 engines including the VW Crafter.


15/06/2014 Tuning via OBD available for Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Navara, Mazda 6. ECU no longer needs to be removed for work. Power tuning DPF removal solutions.


20/03/2014  Volkswagen Audi Group 1.6 tdi CAY DPF delete, EGR delete, DTC delete power tuning complete. ECU type - Siemens Continental PCR2.1. These engines are prone to EGR failure. We switch off the EGR functions in the ECU and remove all EGR related error codes. Lifetime fix for EGR trouble.




29/01/2014  Stage 3 high performance tuning available for BMW 325 tds with MSA11 ecu


19/01/2014 Peugeot/Citroen 8 valve EURO 5 1.6 hdi DV6 DPF delete, power tuning and immobilizer removal available. DTC delete on PSA edc16, all siemens controllers and EURO 5 edc17 development complete


14/01/2014 Intake Manifold Flaps delete on all VAG models with EDC16 and all versions on EDC17


19/12/2013 ECU cloning for Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo and Ford with 2.0hdi/tdci with Siemens 803 and 803a ecu versions


15/11/2013  Opel Insignia 2.0 cdti. ECOflEX models have pressure sensors built into glow plugs. This technology is used during the DPF regeneration process. Costs to replace glow plugs 700 euro. We can switch off this function with our DPF delete program meaning you do not need to replace glow plugs when the pressure sensor fails. No Limp mode or EML



10/11/2013 Opel Insignia EDC17C19 2.0 cdti 130ps & 160ps DPF delete EGR delete stage 1 and stage 2 power tuning 


20/08/2013 Toyota 1.4 D4D DPF & EGR removal ecu type EDC17 - development complete