What exactly do we do?
Reverse Code offer remapping to customers who wish to have the power of their vehicle increased. We do this by modifying the calibration maps located in your engine control unit ( ECU )

          Will the ECU Remapping damage my car?
           No. We write all our own modified software which means we do not use generic files. We do not exceed the safety limits of the turbo and engine when writing files

          What warranty do you give on the ECU Remapping?
           We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our custom written software that we install on your vehicle

         How long will it take to do the ECU Remapping?
           We take no shortcuts to speed up the process for remapping. From initially diagnosing, logging and tuning it takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on the vehicle type 

           What hours do you open?
           We are open from 9am - 6 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 10am - 4pm. Out of hours appointments available

         Can I return my vehicle to stock in the future?
          Yes we store your original software flash file on our secure storage system and backed up in an external server. We can return your vehicle to stock if required. 

         What if I am not satisfied with the remap?
          If you are not satisfied with how your vehicle performs  after having our remap installed we will offer a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee. 

        I already have some modifications to my car can you still remap it?
        Yes we can. Just let us know what modifications you have carried and we can tune to suit them. This includes injector and turbo upgrades.